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Public School Teachers’ Road to Success

According to the adage, teaching is a very noble profession, but like many teachers the person who wrote this is not often credited. It is normal to expect a lot from teachers. As the writer of the adage, Abdul Kalam mentioned, teachers shape the character, caliber, and future of an individual. Actually, these are rewards in themselves for teachers. But in GHCareer, we make sure teachers get more than praises for their noble efforts. 

Christine Marie Navarro de Roxas is a music teacher who dreams of securing her future and her family’s future through her profession. She has served 4 years teaching in a public school. As a public school teacher, she needs to have additional qualifications like Masters degree and certification courses to qualify for promotion.

The career pathway specialists in GHCareer recommended the Early Childhood Education and Care of Rhodes International College Australia. In this way, she can use this Australian qualification should she decide to migrate to AU or use her added credentials to start a school business in the Philippines. Through GHCareer, she was granted a scholarship which making the rates more competitive compared to local tuition fees.

As a student in Rhodes International College, Christine does not have to wait long. Unlike the usual courses, Early Childhood Education and Care only takes 2 years to finish which brings Christine closer to her PR dream faster. Moreover, the very reasonable rates and payment schedules of Rhodes make the program affordable to Filipinos. She applied for a student visa with the help of GHCareer and was granted a Student (Subclass 500) visa! Christine will start her course in Australia in January 2022 bringing her husband with her.  We wish her bon voyage and a fulfilling future in Australia!

Rhodes International College
Rhodes International College