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Reasons How Studying Abroad Can Boost Your Career (Even just for a little while)

10 years ago, studying abroad would be for those who could afford it. The only times that traveling for education was possible was either you had been part of a student exchange program or as an annual experience for the family. But if you were like me, traveling was saved for special occasions–like once every fifteen years. 

Since 2010, we have seen international education grow due to the rise of Filipinos working and living abroad. These professionals, with their networks, would promote the advantages of what foreign culture meant for them and the news of this, along with families’ growing budget, would give rise to the demand of studying abroad. 

Competition in employment is one of the key reasons that studying abroad has been so popular. With all jobs becoming a free-for-all and gender not becoming an issue, certifications and competence make a difference in selecting a potential from another. Now we all know the old school benefit of being abroad. 

The beautiful sights. 

The beautiful people. 

The cultured language. 

The good food. 

Not that this has lost its value, but let’s talk practical. Studying abroad allows you to get ahead. It has been proven in a 2017 study, Gaining an Employment Edge by Ferrugia and Sanger, that international influence in work ethics and communications are a boost to your resume



It is therefore a given that studying abroad immerses you in different working environments and different people and with this, the ability to adapt to sudden changes and pressures which employers often demand. 

Short-Term vs Long-Term

If money was not an issue, would you pursue a long-term or short-term course abroad to enhance your skills? The answer is: it does not matter. I remember being abroad for just 6 days and already I felt I was already an expert on the country. What more than a mere 3 months studying?

Long-term study refers to one academic or calendar year studying abroad while short-term study includes summer programs, programs of eight (8) weeks or less during a calendar year. Now we can be technical and prove to you that of course, a long-term study abroad is the most beneficial–however, regardless of the duration in a country, the contrasts in your home country are already a great deal of adjustment. Faruggia and Sanger (2017) cite that most skills have had significant impact when exposed abroad. 

Majority of long-term courses have been (admittedly) in the Social Sciences, Humanities, Languages, STEM fields and Business Management are a close second. It is a given that the former requires acclimatisation more than technical courses. In recent years, courses in IT have been in demand such as IT Project Management and Technical Support Fundamentals  

As of 2021, the demand for long-term courses is for higher education that is taken at bachelors, masters or doctorate levels with degrees that offer a better chance at employment and migration. Business Management and Administration, (MBAs), Engineering and Technology are highly favoured along with specialisations like IT Project Management and Technical Support Fundamentals. 

Short-term courses or certificate programs have a duration of weeks or months at the most and are done in the span of a winter or a summer. These courses are often chosen as a supplement to an existing skill or to achieve certification for a newfound interest or hobby. For Filipinos who want a cost-effective way of learning without having to invest on a lot of resources, short-term courses are the way to go. To know more about Golden Harbour’s short course offerings, click here

Another reason to study abroad is because it will enrich your personal and professional network. One of the untold secrets in navigating the job market is that you have to make connections. Because you are in a new place, the struggle to adapt becomes part of your system and therefore doing it in a work setting makes it easier. You not only connect with people from your own culture but also people of different backgrounds. This modifies the way we think, the way we understand and to see the world through another person’s experiences. 

With the exchange in friendships are also exchanges of contacts and references that enhances your level of engagement and market value in the workforce. 

Studying abroad is always an advantage. More than the courses, you are thrust into experiences that will help you gain perspective in a place other than your own. You are exposed to modern techniques of expertise, modes of studying and current trends that will build your confidence and your CV. 


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