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Australia - My New Beginning

Like many of you, I love basketball and I wanted to prove to my family that I can be independent. I took BS in Information Systems because I know that, to be on top of your game, one has to finish a course that is demanded in the industry. 

During my soul searching in the Philippines, I checked the internet for opportunities abroad but was not sure what to take at first. It was just too overwhelming and I thought I'd be risking too much. There's just so many things at stake when studying abroad - and so I thought.

I wanted something that would increase my employability which is common word I notice these days. My sister, who was working in Qatar then, told me about GHCareer and how Ms. Aileen helped her with her online business course. I thought I've got nothing to lose so I emailed my cv to Ms. Aileen. It was a wonderful feeling to know that I qualified for a scholarship in Rhodes International College Australia. With this good news in mind, I got excited to embark on this new path. Finishing a diploma in Information Technology in Australia would gain me international qualifications!

Now here in Australia, I am enjoying the sites. I visited the Tower Eye, the Wildlife Sydney, and many more. The food here is reasonably priced. Just take a look at that big slab of meat on my plate! 

Here I can study and work during my free time. I am gaining work experience, expanding my network, and at the same time, completing my studies. It is such a great deal! I am thankful for GHCareer to have guided me every step of the way. I am sharing this to you so that you would also experience this positive life changing event. Your dreams are possible, especially with GHCareer.

@ the Sydney Airport
Eating out with my sister and cousin
@ Wildlife Sydney