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The Best Courses Abroad in 2022: Our Offerings

While studying is always a good plan, what course to study takes a lot of proper decision-making. Should you be practical or passionate? Will it last for a week or is it best to do a full thesis? Decision-making means analyzing the logistics of what you have and making it align with what you want to make it happen. 

So what should you be studying abroad? For those on a budget (a bracket which most of us tend to have), we want a course that can easily be credited to another course or be a part of our skill set in seeking jobs. We want to maximize our chosen course so it engages our strengths and increases work accomplishments.

In our recent article,  we discussed that studying abroad is not only important but an asset to our career growth. This is why a course should be able to compliment what you have achieved so far.

What Course Should You Take 

Step 1: Do self-assessment and research 

Ideas are great–but sometimes what we want can be harder than it seems. Should you fall into a thinking block of where to start studying abroad, do an assessment of what skills and qualifications you have to make the application process easier. 

All roads begin with the language. If you do not plan to take any language proficiency exams or extra language classes, it is assumed that you know at least basic conversational phrases and words that can help you navigate the place. 

Filipino students are often required to take a language proficiency exam. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and Pearson Test English (PTE) are some of the universally recognized tests for English that will be part of the official requirements for international study. 

Programs should be related or credited alongside your current major.  We wouldn’t want to impose–but as we mentioned, the program that compliments your course gives you a higher chance of being qualified and therefore studying abroad more plausible. Your selected abroad programs and courses/units should be able to transfer at the university you have graduated from too. 

Read and interview as much as you can. Read as much from the program, the course and from those who have taken the course and learn more about what their experiences were to help you assess what is best for you. This includes the pros and cons of the program. 

Step 2: Think about Financial Aid and the Support You Need 

Studying abroad is expensive for most of us. Thankfully, there are scholarships and financial programs in the Philippines that can sponsor your study. See the list of scholarship programs or browse an organization or company’s financial aid package for international study and what you are comfortable with.

Depending on the nature of the program, there will be some courses that allow for more activities with the proper guidance and chaperones. These would be ideal for those who have not studied abroad before and who want a more structured way of learning. 

Independent courses allow you to travel solo or in informal student groups to have a feel of the lifestyle and culture of the place. These courses are best for those seasoned in traveling and for those who want a little more freedom to explore a country. 

International Courses for 2022 

We have listed the projected in-demand courses for 2022. Courses for this year are said to be more skill-based especially with the pandemic going on its second year. These courses are best used simultaneously with technology and programming, 

Education Courses - Education is still one of the most sought-after courses even after a slight drop in the salary of teachers. Training for elementary and high school teachers have become increasingly competitive and to get ahead, foundational courses like childhood development and classroom management are encouraged. Look into our Early Child Education and Care course from Rhodes International College.

Health Administration - Along with money, health is another important thing that people and families take care of. Apart from nurses and doctors, people who are professionally trained in managing hospitals, health and wellness facilities are an advantage to the medical profession–especially institutions that cannot be administered by AI or technologies. 

Health administrators are the ones in charge to make sure that the processes of examination, treatment and recovery are smooth sailing. Moreover, professionals that have health degrees such as nutritionists and dieticians can be beneficial at this time when going out is still done minimally. 

Management and Business Administration Courses - There has been a shift in online marketing especially at the height of lockdown and businesses have either lost their sales or struggle to keep their sales up. Management and Business Admin courses often integrate social media marketing units so the student is up-to-date with the latest trends on how to create, engage and promote businesses online. Should the times demand for more traditional and less remote skills, there would be just as good on-site opportunities than there are remote ones. 

Finance Courses - Making money never goes out of style and with a finance course, you have a heads-up. Experts in finance are a need in companies that prioritize strategy. Also, financial experts are of important use to individuals who do not know how to organize or make use of their money. 

Engineering and Information Technology - Software engineers, in particular, are known to have a lot of openings due to most companies digitizing their systems. Industries that need software engineers include banking, retail, economics, management, the supply chain industry and anything that entails having to push buttons and apps. 


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