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Career Reinventions at 40: Explore the types of courses

Reinvention takes guts, and opportunities are as vast as you choose it to be. The best thing about 40 is being able to be a little bit brave without losing too much. Who says abroad is only for the kids? This is the chance to do it for yourself and explore what is out there. 

Lyn Christian of SoulSalt Inc. has demonstrated the ways to redirect your pay and find your life at 40 with what is called The Second Act of a person’s vocation. A career in this case is supported by aligning goals for oneself instead of what is practical or what is for others.

The good news: Most universities do not have an age limit when it comes to courses. What matters is the timing and the availability to accomplish requirements and being able to pay fees. Inquire to your chosen university on the schedules that work best for you. Or better yet, look into our GH courses to see what fits you the best based on your chosen field of study or interest. 

Courses Abroad for the 40-Somethings

For Culture and Adventure 

1. Travel Abroad Programs - For mature people who prefer a relaxed pace of learning. Travel abroad programs include destination trails and culture classes that include: 

  • ‘Off the Beaten Path’ courses - Courses in places where a unique enterprise is being developed. Examples of these are a Japanese Master course in Tea Making (Kyoto, Japan), Pasta Making and Wine Tasting (Rome, Italy), and Salsa Dancing in Latin America. 
  • Remote classes - Remote classes are provided by private companies like Golden Harbour. These classes offer university study and the possibility of working abroad–being able to balance another country’s appreciation and the chance for shared learning. 

         The duration of these classes are short-term–ranging from a week to 6 months. 


2. Language Immersion courses - similar to the cultural courses, language immersion courses allow you to spend some time in the destined country. Face-to-face language study allows you to deal with native speakers in communicating daily ideas. 

You will also find yourself being familiar with specific references and vocabulary words. By the time the course is completed, your mind has a memory of how it feels to live and speak in another place. 


For Academic and Employment Growth 

1. Research programs - this is besides scholarship programs, we recommend this to people who have their own personal projects that want to learn more from. Research programs on history, journalism, agriculture, blogging, and management are some of the choices that could add a new dimension to your intellectual life. 

These programs range from 6 months to a year at the longest, depending on the field of study. These courses mostly do not require prerequisites or existing units to enroll. Most research programs are an advantage when being hired. 


2. As an Exchange Student - Inquire at embassies on short-term courses abroad. Also, private companies with international partnerships can provide you with a program abroad related to your job or field of study and such courses can be sponsored. 

The advantage of this is that residence abroad can be cheaper with available lodging. But because these programs are tied up with a company or an embassy, the individual would be expected to return after completing the course. 


3. Scholarships - In the Philippines, most scholarship programs are for students. But in recent years, there are more opportunities abroad for the working force. Here is a comprehensive list of scholarships given by the different organizations in the Philippines specifically for fields in local governance, engineering, human resources and management. 


The route of what direction to take will be up to you. Whether it be in a relaxed or academic phase, there will always be courses for those who are willing to learn and explore. Being 40 or older should not hinder you. In fact, this is the time to feel more free and experimental. Get to know our courses more. Click here.  Call us (mobile) +63 917 706 7884, (landline 7504 7641).