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EtonX London Has Docked At Golden Harbour

GHCareer works with the best online education providers. We are proud to present Mr. Simon Gillard, Business Development Consultant for EtonX Asia, to tell us more about what EtonX essentially is and the benefits of EtonX courses for schools and organisations. 

EtonX Online Short Courses:

  1. Critical Thinking 
  2. Making an Impact  
  3. CV Writing
  4. Public Speaking 
  5. Writing Skills 
  6. Interview Skills
  7. Creative Problem Solving
  8. Entrepreneurship
  9. Verbal Communication
  10. Research Skills
  11. Resilience


For the Summer, EtonX has prepared courses to help students in their university applications in the UK. For those of you who are interested to study in UK, you will be required to write a PERSONAL STATEMENT to be submitted to UCAS for evaluation. Our University Preparation Courses will guide you with the writing and finish with a piece you can submit!