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GH Kids Educational Support for Kids Online

Early childhood education forms the very foundation of your child’s relationship with learning. This relationship is carried on for the rest of a person’s life! 

The selection of online tutorial for kids is an important decision parents have to make since online education is now the norm.   

Given the most compatible learner centered methods, the child is bound to appreciate learning, and will also be equipped with the appropriate tools to be able to manage him or herself well in online learning. 

GH Kids’ Learner Centered Methods, also known academically as Learner Specific Methods, as the term implies, focus on the skills every specific child needs to develop further. We do not impose a general curriculum for all students because, as education majors, we know that every learner is unique.  Before we begin working on your child, we invite the parents and the child/student to join our THREE STEP PROCESS:

  1. Family and Teacher Virtual Meet 
  2. Assessment and Recommendation
  3. Customise Learner Specific Program for your Kid

You will find that through our unique preliminary 3 Step Process, we aim to address the needs of your child’s cognitive level so that learning is maximised. This eliminates trial and error education and saves you money because you would already be aware of what your child needs. 

We would like you to try our program and see the difference. Click for your free assessment

FREE ASSESSMENT for kids 4 to 6 yrs 



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Developed by Early Childhood Education Practitioners, & Educational Psychologists