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Scholarships and International Internship Success

To gain a competitive edge, one should pursue international education to broaden one’s horizon. 

Paul Andrew's vision is to build on his global marketing education with international qualifications.

He finished Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management from San Beda University Manila.

After consulting with GHCareer, he realized that he can finish his online internship in Australia. He did exactly that! Through GHCareer he was able to finish his 400 OJT hours in Western Sydney Technology College in Australia, a very impressive accomplishment featured in his resume. This experience inspired him to apply for scholarship in Australia.

GHCareer assessed his profile for scholarship and referred him to one of their partner schools. After applying, he was granted the Global Excellence Scholarship, which covers 100% scholarship on tuition fees. Now he is enrolled in three programs in Rhodes International College Australia:

a)  Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication

b)  Diploma of Marketing and Communication

c)   Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication

We can do the same for you. You can approach GHCareer for your scholarship eligibility.