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Staying Above The Crisis: The Talented Cheenee Gonzalez On EtonX Resilience Course

Anyone who has seen Johanna Gabrielle G. Dumawal, aka Cheenee, would think that this graceful lady will go far. She is a singer-songwriter who took Music Business Management in college. Now, during the pandemic, she is focusing on homemaking and campus ministry. Since she was homeschooled until high school, Cheenee has a clear sense of self-regulation when it comes to finishing tasks. Used to accomplishing school work independently, she strives for excellence in the things she has set out to do. As a student in college, she valued integrity and communication. In her words, “Keeping an intact integrity helped me with other areas of my life such as time management. Communication helped me practice interpersonal skills.”

Currently, her passion is writing songs and doing lifestyle vlogs to inspire young professionals, young wives, and college students. Golden Harbour Career Management Consultants recommended to her the EtonX Resilience course because it complements her passion which is helping people.

When asked what advice she would give to students now considering that we have become too dependent on the Internet, she said, “Remind yourself that knowledge is power, but being teachable and humble is what keeps you from losing that power.” 

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