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Student Life in Australia Feels Good!

“Education is one thing that no one can take away from you. Learn to invest in yourself for your future self.” These statements are the favorite lines of my parents. They are the foundation of my eagerness to learn more and to invest in quality education.

In 2016, I finished my Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration major in Marketing Management in the University of Santo Tomas. I have always been interested in finding my own way in the business world. After graduation, I completed a Management Training program with the leading Convenience store in the Philippines. This experience opened my doors to become a Marketing Executive in a local Cosmetic Retailer in Qatar. While looking for opportunities to be better at my field, I saw the website of GHCareer and their Facebook page featuring the online courses I could take to gain an International Qualification.

I sent my cv to the education manager - Ms. Aileen. After reviewing my cv, she said I am qualified to take the Advance Diploma in Business Administration. After looking at several schools, I agreed that Western Sydney Technology College was the proper fit for my needs. 

I was so excited to be enrolled in Australia while I was working in Qatar! I finished my Advance Diploma in Business Administration and was so proud that I now have a certificate that says I have international qualifications!

After the pandemic, I wanted to stay on that path - towards more international qualifications - that I contacted GHCareer again for my Diploma in Leadership and Management. GHCareer helped me with my scholarship application in Rhodes International College. 

I have always dreamt of seeing Australia for myself after learning about their Business Ethics, strategies & consumer behavior. I am grateful with GHCareer for helping me achieve this goal, they assisted me to take my course in Sydney, Australia. Ms. Aileen was so helpful & exceeded my expectations in my onboarding! Currently, I am studying & working part time which makes it equally challenging and fulfilling. Trusting GHCareer has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Thank you GHCareer.

@ Darling Harbour
Sight Seeing in Sydney
@ my new school, Rhodes International College Sydney AU